Tommaso Fagioli bio

Tommaso Fagioli (Rome, 1916?, ♉︎/♎︎) is an Italian multidisciplinary artist with a PhD in philosophy and a Master’s degree in “philosophical counseling”. Over the years he has worked on various projects related to the creative fields, online journalism, and in film productions and distributions. From 2018 he’s been dedicating himself to the artistic activity alternating teaching (RUFA academy of fine arts) and counseling activities with individuals and organisations. 

His artistic and philosophical research combines the sacred and the profane, the archaic with present and future scenarios, proposing new codes of interpretation of the world through the creation of personal mythologies contaminated by the multiple suggestions that he is able to capture on/offline. In the background, the interest in how identity modulates itself with respect to an increasingly augmenting and accelerating world.