2012 (ongoing)


An ongoing series of mobile-photographies between abstraction & social commentary.

This is an ongoing series composed mobilephotos shot starting from 2012 in different locations with different Apple iPhone models between abstraction, portraits and social commentary. Later on, with the development of the “Live” function enabling “loop”, “bounce” and “long exposure” effects, and the diffusion of third-part editing apps, I started to animate and manipulate some of the images for mesmerising effects (see Animated Photos).

This series has been highlighted by curator Gianluca Marziani on Dagospia, the most important Italian news website about politics, economy, society and culture.

Marziani: “Let’s wrap up with a narrative Instagram, where the mosaic collects small stories from each image posted. These are Luigi Ghirri alike moments with a disturbing element inside them, all images are shot with Apple iPhone, which model, as well as the year and the location, are declared in the caption, giving the sensation of an ever-changing zeitgeist.”