Artistic statement

In my artistic research, I explore the intersection between the sacred and the profane, and the metamorphoses of identity in the post-gender and trans-human era triggered by new intelligent technologies. My works are three-dimensional concepts that reflect on the future of humanity, intertwining nature and technology, life and death, reality and virtuality, archaic and future. Through various mediums, I aspire to create landscapes that challenge perception and invite reflection, proposing new personal mythologies that dialogue with the infinite and the intimate.

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I embarked on my artistic journey in my late 30s, following extensive PhD-level studies and diverse professional experiences. Without formal training from art academies or schools, I have learned and continue to learn through practice. I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, or perhaps more accurately, a conceptual artist, in the sense that I do not favour any single medium. My creative process begins with an intuition sparked by a material, image, or object that strikes me without apparent reason. I then deliberately “forget it” to trigger the most primal and powerful part of my brain. From this, an idea surfaces, evolving into a concept, which then takes shape and directs me toward the most effective embodying it.

I do not restrict myself to specific techniques, materials, or subjects, though I am particularly drawn to themes of death, sex, and the media environment we live within. I enjoy blending the sacred with the profane, and the archaic with contemporary contexts. In my cosmological view: everything has been around for ever. I see the Cosmos as being self-caused by its own future, with Nature as the ultimate state of advanced Technology rather than a precursor to it. We are destined, perhaps even self-designed, to become the gods we have historically revered, ultimately merging with the Whole. This vision underpins my mind as well as my work.

My aim is to generate a sense of amazement in both myself and the audience through multilayered artworks that inspire thought, enjoyment, and emotional resonance. For me, this is the essence of the aesthetic experience. I often employ irony to convey deep or complex meanings, provoking thought via laughter and addressing the so called inner child. The fields that excite me most, both philosophically and artistically, include AI, SETI, and CRISPR, and their impact on the world and our identities. We are experiencing a significant anthropological and evolutionary leap towards an augmented civilisation. The future is sexy and these indeed are “interesting times”—scary, exiting, and accelerated, demanding to be narrated, imagined, reflected upon, and expressed.

Ultimately, I create art because it allows me to communicate in a synthetic way what I have traditionally explored analytically in my philosophical studies. Art speaks the language of the unconscious, pre-reflective, pre-verbal, and universal. It enables me to transform and embody “affects, percepts, and concepts” (Deleuze) into tangible and experiential forms. Through art, I craft original blocks of space-time, communicating through allegories and metonymies to both the gut and the mind. In this infinitely free field, I rigorously apply measures, balances, and subtle proportions of sensibility: colors, sounds, images, volumes, figure and ground, text and context.



– J. Locke