Desert_Sea (5′-loop)

A lysergic exploration of the two concept as imagined by an alien/artificial intelligence.

Desert_sea (5 loop) is a video installation commissioned for the “Festa di Roma 2019” in collaboration with Fondazione Cinema per Roma, Rai Cinema, and Cultura Roma, screened during new years eve up until January 5th on five large squared ledwalls used stargates around Capitoline Hill area.

The theme was the celebration of nature and its cycles, I was asked to create something about the “desert” and the “sea”, and I made this video by manipulating free online material (google images, memes, stock images, opens source archives, etc) used as a digital collective unconscious.

Together with Microcosmo, Macrocosmo and Outtakes from Earth it forms my personal “Trilogy of space”.

The result is a rather lysergic exploration of the two enviroments as if they were imagined by an artificial/alien intelligence.

Music by Ryoji Ikeda “data.vortex” (from “Dataplex”, 2005)