Engel & Völkers (collab.)

An artistic 'open day' in collaboration with the leader real estate agency.

Exhibition in collaboration with Engels & Völkers Italia, displaying some works from Sublimine + two previously unseen collage triptychs The Day Shall Come and Divine Triptych.

Divine Triptych is a collage that reinterprets the Divine Comedy in a semi-ironic key. I cast myself in the guise of a contemporary Dante and used my arms to symbolise Hell, Purgatory and Paradise with popular and universally known gestures. Around my arms I placed my damned and my saints – or those waiting to become one. From Harvey Weinstein to Elon Musk to Gino Strata, more than a hundred figures placed between old virtues and new vices make up my personal otherworldly theatre and invite the audience to imagine their own.

The Day Shall Come is a triptych collage that reinterprets the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark in which the aliens take the animals away to be reproduced/crossed elsewhere – without us. I included in the composition strange ‘astroarks’ and six chimeras, such as the large ‘horsefin’ that dominates this great animal orgiastic stampede. I hid in the group five animal chimeras generated with the artificial intelligence algorithm Dall-E 2.