“Rotellini” Vol. I

A series of (de)collages using mobile-photos as a tribute to Mimmo Rotella.

First volume of composed hand-ripped poster prints of different mobile-photos. The images are selected from the iPhonographies series I have been shooting since 2012 with different iPhone models.

Ironically I call these pieces “rotellini” as they are a revisitation of the “décollage” technique used starting from 50s by Wolf Vostell (who institutionalised the term), François Dufrêne, Raymond Hains, Jacques Villeglé and, of course, the Italian Mimmo Rotella, to whom my tribute naturally goes.

What amuses me is that originally these images are born digitally and posted online, then they “reincarnate” offline as works of art: a play between the transcendent, the satellite hereafter, the ethereal data cloud where these images reside, and the immanent, the earthly matter of the printed paper.

Also, by freely combining different subjects in space and time, the “rotellinis” speak the language of dreams, where ambivalence and symbolism are sovereign, the principle of non-contradiction suspended, thus evoking different combinations of meanings.