“I tuoi occhi sono la mia bocca”

A commissioned artwork auctioned to raise money for funding new businesses.

Your eyes are my mouth (2019), bottles customised.

Your eyes are my mouth (2019), bottles customised.

“I tuoi occhi sono la mia bocca” (Your eyes are my mouth) is commissioned artwork by Start Italy  Srl who asked different artist to freely “customize“ two “piggy bank” bottles for the “Spìcciati” (Hurry up) project intended to collect cents to finance start-ups, new businesses, and vocational training courses.

My bottles were customised with golden leaf, collages of paper eyes and mouths, and sharp broken glass at the top, and sold at an auction and the earnings were donated to the project. Glad to have helped young Italian entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and their projects. On the presentation text for the auction, I described them as follows:

Two twin bottles, complementary, united for good. Gold and silver backgrounds, small rhinestones, a series of expressions. Sharp fragments of glass on the cap. Two bottles that you can’t open without hurting yourself. As if there was a secret inside, which those eyes and mouths guard.