Arbre Magique

A white lacquered anthropomorphic driftwood with glass eyes comes to life and stares at you.

Arbre Magique (2022), eyes detail.

Arbre Magique (2022), eyes detail.

As one kind of ‘bonus content’ of my exhibition Sublimine, Arbre Magique is a white lacquered driftwood on which I applied golden leaf on the knots and painted with bright red acrylic on the broken parts, as if they were living flesh. I then created a socket on the trunk and applied two glass eyes and created two golden eyelids with clay, trying to give two expressions: one of awe, the other of placid contemplation.

As in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” where the realm of nature mingles with the human, the organic with the inorganic, flora with fauna, I wanted to create an anthropomorphic trunk that peered from within its wooden soul at its surroundings and the viewer.

This wood, which pendants with the trunk-pedestal of Sofi@, also retrieved from the beach and transformed, is a prototype for a new series I have in mind: driftwoods of various sizes and figures, composed and lacquered in different colors and rendered metamorphic creatures with eyes and small wooden hands, sprouting along their bodies.