A body writhes under the shower on a hot summer night, illuminated by the subtle light of candles.

Abreactions (2018) is a series of seven nude shot as they were frames from a film. The photos were not staged but taken randomly in a hot summer night. E. was cooling off herself under the shower, illuminated by candle lights.

In psychoanalysis, the term “abreaction” expresses the emotional discharge through which a subject gets rid of an ancient trauma whose essential terms have remained unconscious. A kind of catharsis that I imagined taking place in these visual terms.

Later on I printed the photos on fabric to give a rough and three-dimensional texture to the subject and mounted on seven light-boxes that appeared as small monolithic urns that portray and contain a soul that writhes in the darkness. The light box series was firstly shown during my exhibition Sublimine (2022).

Abreactions (2018) - Lightbox version for Sublimine exhibition (2022).

Abreactions (2018) – Lightbox version for Sublimine exhibition (2022).