Oracula Skullptures were included in my solo exhibition “Where is my sacred? @ Fondazione Cerere  (Rome) 5th december 2018 – 16 january 2019

Poised between art and design, here is my #1 series of 10 deliciously macabre and beautifully grotesque real animal skulls lacquered in a special blend of pastel colours with horns and/or tusks enriched with pure golden leaf and sometimes gems. A part of raw bone and/or both dental arches will be always visible.

Each skull is an oracle: if you ask, he will respond. If respected, it will bring luck, wealth, knowledge, love or wisdom.

In this work, the animal skull has abdicated its natural function in favour of a cultural one, as transformed by artistic intervention. I followed the Jungian super-Animal suggestion. Each colour is my interpretation of the animal character. Somehow these Oracular Skullptures stand in a thin line between sacred and profane. The shiny surface recalls the spray painting of a car giving the skulls a “toyish” look; at the same time they seem magical creatures or astral beings coming from outer space > read more 

See Oracular Skullptures : Focus on to know about the story, the philosophy and the processing of the project.

Contact me for any info about the pieces.

*Photos of the Skullptures by Viviana Berti*