A selection of mobilephotos shot starting from 2012 in different locations with different iPhone models between abstraction, portraits and social commentary. Later on, with the development of the “Live” function enabling loop, bounce and long exposure effects, and the diffusion of third-part editing apps, I started to animate and manipulate the images for mesmerising effects (see “Animated Photos”).

I’ve always had a special feeling with the immediacy of the photographic medium. I believe the act of shooting bypasses the frictions of psychology and connects directly with the subconscious in a unpredicted manners. It ‘s like the Lacan’s symbolic-real-imaginary trio of the intrapsychic realms suddenly gets a different organisation. In other words, you see a scene, a set of forms, an harmony/dissonance, you have a feeling,a so called visual epiphany, and shot at it! Mobile photography enhances this process. Also the mobile device’s rapidity and seriality somehow turns the “operator” into a “spectator” and viceversa, posing it in a sort of punctum-studium continuum. 

Only later on I started to explore professional cameras for different kind of projects (see “Photography”), though I wonder if shooting with a smart phone makes you necessarily am “amateur” when comparing to a more professional approach with photography. In the other hand, can one become an “expert” or a “pro” in mobile photography? Yes, as long as you explore the medium, push its boundaries, find its own language. That’s what I tried to do with this series.

The series has been highlighted by curator Gianluca Marziani on Dagospia, the most important Italian news website about politics, economy, society and art: 

Let’s wrap up with a narrative Instagram, where the mosaic collects small stories from each image posted. These are Luigi Ghirri alike moments with a disturbing element inside them, all images are shot with Apple iPhone, which model, as well as the year and the location, are declared in the caption, giving the sensation of an everchanging zeitgeist.”