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Macrocosmo (8’–loop, 2018) is the “video-art b-side” of Microcosmo, selected at Videocittà event on the “Art Foundation and Galleries” section in collaboration with RUFA – Roman University of Fine Arts and Fondazione Cerere. Reviewed on Exibart. Also selected for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2020: the must-see event in Paris and Berlin dedicated to contemporary moving images, new cinema and contemporary art, with screenings at Louvre Auditorium, Centre Pompidou, Gran Palais.

Macrocosmo is an observational art-doc in “Lo-Fi” style, entirely self-produced, shot with a Nikon P900 and based on its incredibible superzoom: 85,3 x optical to 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom, 24 – 2000mm, equiv. 135.

Following the likes of the experimental/avant-guard cinema, from Dziga Vertov, to Jean Vigo or Jonas Mekas, the video-artist wanders between heaven and earth in a summery Rome with his superzoom camera in his hand observing and spying – from huge distance – stars, planets and the diverse humanity that lives, photographs, and roam through the city.

In the summer 2018, I was impressed by the Nikon P900 superzoom tests on YouTube, and I immediately thought,”Ok, this is a new language, a new possibility to see”. And so I bought the camera, I shot for about 2 months, between mid-July and August, about 1TB of material. I watched, spied on my city, and looked at the sky like never before. I have “zoomed” in and out some themes, alluding to faith, mortality, and our cosmic aspirations. The recording tools of today, economically accessible and widespread throughout the world, from mobile phones, to GoPro microcameras, allow us to greatly extend our visual geography and explore new languages.